Mexico has also its own culture and tradition that has been formed as time passed by and as influence also of other outside factors. The mother church which is the Roman Catholic Church has a major influence on the life of the people of Mexico. In their daily life, they have the customs they have adopted from the church just like many countries that are conquered by the religion when the rulers who are Catholics spread to many countries. Most of the citizens speak Spanish.

The people like to celebrate festivals and celebration. Most of the things they celebrate and make a parade are related to the religion. When Mexico is a place where America can meet Asia and Europe is also on the scene so a diverse culture could be seen but with similarities as they have stayed and adapted to each other. The older generation has much knowledge and practices in the past but in the developed cities, they are embracing the culture of their neighbor.

As many immigrants from different countries so they have the differences in their culture. Now there is a shift in the language as more and more people use the Spanish language. Even if they have the strong influence of the Catholic church but they also have their own established holidays and a day of celebration. An example is the day of independence. Las Posadas is also one that they celebrate by inviting their neighbor for a drink or meal as a way to celebrate the day.